In a world where fresh water resources are dwindling while demand for clean water is increasing, there is a need for a more circular use of water. But how to decide on the optimal water re-use scheme that delivers water of the right quality to the different water users? And what investments are needed? That’s where AquaVest comes in!

AquaVest is the name of our proprietary software. The algorithm develops transition pathways towards (more) circular regional water systems and guides investments in water infrastructure. In addition to cost savings of up to 20%, the software also provides insight into who should invest, when and how much. That is a good basis for more cross sectoral collaboration in the water sector.

AquaVest enables clean and affordable water for all!

AquaVest is Water Innovator of the Year 2020!!

AquaVest has won the title of Water Innovator of the Year 2020 because of our holistic approach and ability to provide insight into complex systems. When complexity reaches a level beyond what the human brain can compute, we need AI to support us. The AquaVest algorithm sifts through all the possible options for the circular (re-)uses of water, and considers uncertainties and variables in space and time. With so many parameters on the table, there is a clear need to move from the traditional option evaluation towards system optimization.

AquaVest is developed in collaboration with Quo Mare B.V.

The market
The market consists of public and private sector parties with often conflicting interests. They need a tool that provides objectivity and transparency.

Water circularity is about the treatment and distribution of effluents as tailor-made water. Water treatment technology is an important part of the solution.

Investment planning
We turn lofty visions for a sustainable water future into actionable investment plans.

How we work
We collaborate with knowledge institutes and technology suppliers to develop integral solutions for our clients.

Learn about our projects and several case studies in The Netherlands and abroad.


We contribute to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals




“The treatment and distribution of effluents as tailor-made water will be an integral solution for fresh water preservation. We as a waterboard see this as one of our primary goals, especially since our river basin is situated in an area of high sandy grounds. It is our firm intention to contribute to the further development and application of AquaVest.” Istvan Koller, transition manager industry and environment, Waterschap De Dommel.

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