In a world where the availability of clean and fresh water is reducing while the demand is increasing, there is a need for a more circular use of water. But how to decide on the optimal water re-use scheme that delivers water of the right quality to the different water users, now and in the future? And what investments are needed? That’s where AquaVest comes in!

AquaVest is Water Innovator of the Year 2020!!

We won this prize for the development of our AquaVest tool. The tool provides insight into the complexity of the current water system, develops transition pathways towards a more sustainable water future and guides investments in water infrastructure.


The tool provides credible, affordable and competitive transition pathways towards a more sustainable (circular) regional water system. All input data are defined with temporal and spatial granularity, which means that both location and timing is included in the model. AquaVest detects the most profitable investments over time given predefined supply/demand scenarios and potential environmental constraints (such as CO2 emissions or groundwater extraction levels). AquaVest optimizes the transition pathways to obtain the highest margin or lowest cost over a given time horizon, based on the Nett Present Value of the total system. Sensitivity checks can be performed to test the robustness of transition pathways and tipping-points for the profitability of investments.

Investments in water treatment technology, water storage and water distribution are considered. In addition to capital cost savings of up to 20%, the software provides insight into who should invest, when and how much. That is a good basis for more cross-sectoral collaboration in the water sector!

AquaVest is developed in partnership with Quo Mare B.V.

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