AquaVest is a tool that develops transition pathways towards a more sustainable water future and guides investments in water infrastructure.

The AquaVest program aims to improve public-private sector collaboration and decision-making in the regional water management space. We consider corporate strategies and political sensitivities in the development of our solutions. We develop regional water transition plans and water infrastructure investment strategies and support organizations in managing their innovation journey’s.

AquaVest: a tool to guide investments in water infrastructure

The partnership

Frontier Ventures B.V. initiated a partnership with Quo Mare B.V. Quo Mare is specialized in the development of optimization algorithms and analytical capabilities. The partners collaborated on improved water management plans during previous employment with Shell international. As a team it is our goal to support our clients in the development of robust water infrasture investment plans.

The innovation

The AquaVest tool supports the development of regional water management plans and corresponding investment strategies. The tool is based on a unique techno-economic optimization algorithm. AquaVest develops project-specific water transition pathways and guides investments in water infrastructure. AquaVest is developed and co-owned by Frontier Ventures B.V. and Quo Mare B.V. The intellectual property is shared equally among the partners.

The impact

AquaVest can be applied to develop improved sewage management plans. Especially in developing countries the potential socio-economic and environmental impact of proper sewage infrastructure is enormous. AquaVest can evaluate options to maximize cost recovery and return on investment. AquaVest can also be applied to develop water reuse plans to address water scarcity issues.

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“As an executive decision support tool, AquaVest offers relevant insights in the complexity of regional water systems. It provided us, as government entity, a closer look into the water issues from the perspective of the industries. This forms a good basis for discussions on circular economy and water conservation which is increasingly important with more frequent and lasting periods of drought.” Desirée Rijnders-Huisman, senior policy advisor groundwater, Province of Noord-Brabant.

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