The world today is in a phase of transition. Organizations need to rapidly adapt to a changing society by embracing new technology and business models.

Innovation Management

We offer the following Innovation Management services:

  • Innovation strategy: how to prepare your organization for the future? How to adapt to the political, technological and environmental challenges of today? We help you navigate through this changing landscape and find a strategy for your organization that is future-proof!
  • Business planning: how to translate your vision into an action plan? Many organizations are busy defining their targets for 2040, but find it difficult to create a path towards achieving those targets. We can help! We ensure that short term actions are aligned with long term goals!
  • Creative problem solving: how to address your business challenge from a completely different point of view? The way you (choose to) see a problem often defines the way it’s solved! We have experience in design thinking and come up with out-of-the-box solutions!

Stakeholder Management

We offer the following Stakeholder Management services:

  • Public-private partnerships: we guide the discussions on costs and benefits of different infrastructure options while taking account of the different interests around the table (social, environmental, economic, technological, political, organizational)
  • Pain-gain sharing: for each stakeholder we assess the dependency and (positive/ negative) impact on natural resources like water and land as a starting point for discussions on pain-gain sharing.
  • Cross-sectoral collaboration: we have experience in forging collaborations between government bodies, industry, NGO and the agrisector.

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