The world today is in a phase of transition. We help organizations to adapt to a changing society by embracing new technology, new business models and partnerships.

We provide business consultancy services. We have a background in the energy sector and we have experience in energy and water transition planning. We bring value to cross-sectoral collaborations and turn visions into reality. We are keen to learn about new technologies and business approaches that better balance nature and economy. We help the public and private sector to become future-proof and thrive in the face of change!

It is our mission to support public and private sector organizations in reducing their water use and better protect the environment. These journey’s start with a clear vision that needs to be translated into a strategy that delivers value for the organization itself as well as for society. The strategy should consider new technology, new new business models and new partnerships.

We offer the following Business consultancy services:

Innovation management

  • Coaching workshops
  • Organizational change management

Corporate strategy

  • Innovation strategy development
  • Business planning

Public-private sector collaboration

  • Forging public-private sector collaborations
  • New partnerships

Design thinking

  • New management philosophies (Agile, Lean, etc.)
  • Creative problem-solving

Complex problem-solving

  • Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning
  • Transition planning (roadmap development)

Some of these services are described below:

Innovation strategy development

How to prepare your organization for the future? How to adapt to the political, technological and environmental challenges of today? We help you navigate through the changing societal landscape to find a strategy that makes your organization future-proof!

Business planning

How to translate your vision into an action plan? Many organizations are busy defining their targets for 2040, but find it difficult to create a path towards achieving those targets. We can help! We ensure that short term actions are aligned with long term goals!

Creative problem-solving

How to address your business challenge from a completely different point of view? The way you (choose to) see a problem often defines the way it’s solved! We have experience in design thinking and come up with out-of-the-box solutions!

“When I was first introduced to Frontier Ventures, I thought that this was perhaps a very innovative company that could help us with our water challenges. And I was right! The insights that were developed through AquaVest helped us as a water board to shape our “water transition” route, which is aimed at a climate-resilient water system that retains every drop in the area.” Istvan Koller, transition manager industry and environment, Waterschap De Dommel.

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