AquaVest helps with sustainable water use in Tilburg

READ THE ARTICLE At the Kraaiven - Vossenberg business park, five companies, a drinking water company, two water boards, the municipality and the province are working on a sustainable solution for the use and reuse of water. By using AquaVest the supply and demand are cleverly brought together so that it works out [...]

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The algorithm that connects the water sector

READ THE ARTICLE Our experience with complex systems such as the water chain lies at the basis of the AquaVest algorithm. "In order to guarantee water security in the future, public and private parties will already have to consider the necessary investments in the water system," says Disselhoff. "The big challenge is that [...]

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AquaVest is Water Innovator of the Year 2020!

READ THE ARTICLE AquaVest has won the title of Water Innovator of the year 2020! Frontier Ventures pitched their innovation at the Water Vision congress yesterday, which was organized by Industrielinqs, VEMW and Evides Industriewater. The AquaVest algorithm guides investments in water infrastructure and supports the development of transition pathways to more circular [...]

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Introduction to the AquaVest algorithm

READ THE ARTICLE AquaVest is one of the candidates for the Water Innovator of the Year election!Our algorithm calculates the variables and dependencies within the water chain and translates them into investment decisions. In addition to cost savings of up to twenty percent, the software also shows who should invest when, when and [...]

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Frontier Ventures and Quo Mare join forces in water transition planning!

The companies created a partnership to develop a model called “AquaVest” to guide the water transition. Both companies have a background in the energy sector and energy and water transition planning are very similar processes. Frontier specializes in water management and business innovation and Quo Mare is an expert in developing algorithms from scratch [...]

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