Below you can find a selection of references from clients in the public and private sector: provinces, waterboards, drinking water companies, industries, NGO, foundations and branche organizations.

“As an executive decision support tool, AquaVest offers relevant insights in the complexity of regional water systems. It provided us, as government entity, a closer look into the water issues from the perspective of the industries. This forms a good basis for discussions on circular economy and water conservation which is increasingly important with more frequent periods of drought.” Desirée Rijnders-Huisman, senior policy advisor groundwater, Province of Noord-Brabant.

“The treatment and distribution of effluents as tailor-made water will be an integral solution for fresh water preservation. We as a waterboard see this as one of our primary goals, especially since our river basin is situated in an area of high sandy grounds. It is our firm intention to contribute to the further development and application of AquaVest.” Istvan Koller, transition manager industry and environment, waterboard De Dommel.

“It was a pleasure to work with Frontier Ventures. With a renewed look at collaborating on (waste)water flows, we have come up with great insights and opportunities to combat droughts in the future.” Corné Machielsen, senior policy advisor, waterboard Brabantse Delta.

“The big advantage of AquaVest is that by feeding all water flows and relevant costs to the interactive network model an almost infinite number of scenarios can be run in a relatively short time.” Franco Moonen, account manager industry, Brabant Water.

“AquaVest reflects a new way of looking at waterflows and gives new insights in possibilities to create mutual optimisations with other local businesses and authorities. We are positive about these new insights and future opportunities we have discovered.” Jos Peeters, Environmental Manager, Coca-Cola European Partners.

“The pilot has led to a better insight into the possibilities for optimizing water (re)use for Fujifilm. In particular, if we start collaborating with other local industries and water boards, there are opportunities to reuse water regionally.” Alex van Rijn, Manager Environment, Safety & Health, Fujifilm.

“The collaboration of all parties involved in our project was constructive and pleasant. AquaVest has proven to be a powerful tool, because it literally shows all the possibilities for optimizing the (waste) water chain, taking into account all relevant variables and conditions.” Hans van Reeuwijk, Environmental Engineer Environmental, IFF, Tilburg.

“Agristo is positively surprised by the working method, the holistic approach of a fairly extensive issue. The deployed model allows for a quick and clear way to assess the impact of many different parameters, both physical, economic and technical. This leads to either unexpected, innovative insights or confirms earlier expectations or feelings.” Antoon Wallays, Director Agristo, Tilburg.

“The model offers added value in the development of alternative freshwater sources, possibly in combination with water storage systems, in order to reduce or counteract drought-related damage for the agricultural sector.” Johan Elshof, Policy Specialist Water and Soil, ZLTO.

“Frontier Ventures performed a costs-benefits analysis for STOWA using the AquaVest tool. Interesting and new insights emerged from this study regarding the financial incentives required to make effluent reuse a more attractive alternative than the extraction of groundwater.” Michelle Talsma, research manager, STOWA.

“Several scenarios were run with AquaVest to develop a geographical master plan and business case for rural sanitation and sludge-to-energy that matches the vision of the HCWW for 2030. AquaVest helped us to comprehensively understand the socio-economic, environmental and technical benefits of different sewage and sludge handling options in the Egyptian rural villages.” Prof. Dr. Rifaat Abdel Wahaab, Holding Company for Water & Wastewater Cairo, Egypt.

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