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Our process

We follow 3 steps in our interaction with the client.

1. Get To Know You
The goal of the first meeting is for us to better understand your problem and to evaluate if AquaVest can help you answer the questions you have. If there is a match, we would organize a workshop.

2. Workshop
During the workshop key stakeholders from the public and private sector are present. The goal of the workshop is to develop a better understanding of the problem, the objective, the different interests of the stakeholders, the drivers of the project, and the timeline. The client can then decide to proceed with a Proof of Concept (PoC).

3. Proof of Concept
The PoC is intended to familiarize the customer with our new way of working; the introduction of “system thinking”. The PoC has a strategic and conceptual character. The results of the PoC can be worked out in more detail in subsequent project phases.

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“The treatment and distribution of effluents as tailor-made water will be an integral solution for fresh water preservation. We as a waterboard see this as one of our primary goals, especially since our river basin is situated in an area of high sandy grounds. It is our firm intention to contribute to the further development and application of AquaVest.” Istvan Koller, transition manager industry and environment, Waterschap De Dommel.

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