We develop impact investment opportunities and contribute to the SDG’s by linking capital to projects.

Investments in water infrastructure

We develop investment opportunities for impact investors. We have connections with a number of private sector impact investors.
It is estimated that a dazzling USD 7,500 billion dollars are needed between now and 2030 to build the water infrastructure required to reach SDG6. Solid and resilient water infrastructure solutions and investment strategies are needed to realize socio-economic growth in the developing countries. AquaVest develops future-proof regional water master plans and investment propositions that balance social, economic and environmental values. The market for water infrastructure investments is booming. Below are shown the estimated global water infrastructure market sizes per sector (2017).

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4-10% (CAGR)


5-30% (CAGR)


13-19% (CAGR)

Investments in forest management

We aim to unlock investments that support sustainable forest management practices. This includes, amongst others, investments in wildfire prevention, forest restoration, biodiversity conservation, sustainable agriculture and forestry, and green infrastructure. The land use sector contributes nearly one quarter of global emissions. Reducing emissions from deforestation, ecosystems conversion, and other land sector activities – enhancing and expanding their carbon sequestration potential – are critical steps to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

Read more about the “Forest Investor Club” initiative, launched by the United States during the COP26 summit in November 2021: Forest Investor Club Establishment at COP26 – United States Department of State

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