We contribute to the development of innovative Internet of Things solutions to protect and conserve endangered freshwater and marine species.

IoT solutions for conservation

We explore how “big data” can systematically improve the conservation of freshwater and marine species all over the world. The current lack of data impedes the development of effective conservation plans. We support the development of area-specific and data-driven conservation plans by contributing to the design of combined sensing and communication systems to better understand the impact of external stresses on the physical and psychological health of the species.
We collaborate with local and international NGO’s on the implementation of these sensor systems in the field. Based on lessons learned from field deployments, we optimize the design of the IoT solution following a continuous improvement cycle.

Key challenges

Key challenges impacting the population of fresh water and marine species are:

  • Water infrastructure planning
    The lack of spatial planning around the installation of massive water infrastructure like hydro-electric dams can lead to the blockage of important migration routes
  • Water pollution
    Untreated municipal, industrial, and agricultural wastewater released into the river system can lead to severe water pollution and degradation of the habitat

  • Water extraction rates
    High levels of river water extraction for industry and agriculture can lead to low river water levels with isolated ponds that can significantly reduce the effective habitat area

  • Fishing net entanglements
    Illegal fishing practices or unsustainable levels of fishing can lead to high levels of net entanglements often resulting in death of the species

  • Acoustic pollution
    Sounds produced by motorized boats and vessels can lead to acoustic pollution and disorientation of the species often resulting in death.

We give independent advice on the design of IoT solutions for conservation. Contact us for more information!

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