We develop innovative monitoring strategies and action plans to predict and manage the onset of wildfires in important nature reserves.

The partnership

Frontier Ventures B.V. created a partnership with eLEAF B.V. and HydroLogic B.V. eLEAF B.V. is specialized in providing spatial information services based on satellite data. HydroLogic B.V. is specialized in the development of high quality groundwater simulation models. The partners decided to join forces and developed a proposal for the prevention or management of wildfires.

The innovation

The partners have developed a proposal for an operational service to monitor, based on satellite data and groundwater modelling, the development and onset of wildfires and to translate the information into a plan of action to prevent or control the wildfires. Information related to the evaporation rates of different types of vegetation is combined with weather data and data on soil moisture.

The impact

The proposed service acts as an early warning system to prevent uncontrolled wildfires and to minimize the devastating impact on forests and wildlife. Wildfires are increasing in frequency and intensity due to more frequent extreme heat and drought periods (even in The Netherlands!). It is important to protect our forests and their ecosystem functionalities (CO2 uptake, biodiversity, etc.).

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