Frontier Ventures recently joined the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP). NWP is a network of Dutch organisations in the water sector. It is the first point of call for anyone seeking Dutch water expertise. NWP enables the Dutch water sector to have an even greater impact internationally. NWP, together with its members and partners, is involved all over the world in forging partnerships and collaboration to help solve global water issues.

We hope that our NWP membership will help us create impact all over the world and we look forward to collaborating with international organisations that have similar ambitions. We strongly believe that we have a very valuable Finance for Water tool for organisations that work on high-level decision-making on water infrastructure investment strategies.’

Additional information on NWP’s activities related to Finance for Water can be found here.

Read the introduction article on Aquavest called “Optimising water infrastructure investments with artificial intelligence” at the NWP website here.