AquaVest is one of the candidates for the Water Innovator of the Year election!Our algorithm calculates the variables and dependencies within the water chain and translates them into investment decisions. In addition to cost savings of up to twenty percent, the software also shows who should invest when, when and how much. This is a good basis for more cooperation in the water chain.

The availability of fresh water sources is expected to come under considerable pressure in The Netherlands in the coming years. Steady population growth leads to urbanization and more water demand from agriculture and industry, while the supply of water is decreasing due to the effects of climate change, such as the longer periods of drought that also increase the concentrations of pollutants in the water.

These developments are quite worrying, so the various players in the water chain need to anticipate future scenarios and investment options. Given the many variables and choices, this is a complex task that the human brain can no longer manage. And that’s exactly why we developed AquaVest!

Read more about AquaVest here (Dutch text).