AquaVest has won the title of Water Innovator of the year 2020! Frontier Ventures pitched their innovation at the Water Vision congress yesterday, which was organized by Industrielinqs, VEMW and Evides Industriewater.

The AquaVest algorithm guides investments in water infrastructure and supports the development of transition pathways to more circular regional water systems. The professional jury was impressed by the holistic approach of AquaVest. In addition to cost savings of up to twenty percent, the software also provides insight into who should invest, when and how much. That is a good basis for more cooperation between the public and private sector!

There were two other candidates that pitched for the Water Innovator of the Year prize: Vivimag (WETSUS) that mines vivianite and Zero Brine (TUDelft) that separates salts into brine.

The innovations were evaluated based on industry relevance, impact on the regional water balance, TRL level, business proposition, and level of novelty. AquaVest was proclaimed winner!

In summary, AquaVest provides:

  • Insight into the complexity of the regional water system
  • Objectivity in the solutions to match supply and demand
  • Transparency in the cost allocations
  • Balance in the economic and ecological value created
  • Insight in the impact of new regulations on the water balance


The jury of the Water Innovator of the Year competition consisted of Niels Groot, water specialist at Dow Terneuzen, Antoine van Hoorn of SKIW and Frank Oesterholt of KWR.

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