AquaVest supports discussions on pain-gain sharing by providing transparency in the costs and benefits of different infrastructure solutions, for different stakeholders.

Who pays what?

There is a growing need to more efficiently use and reuse the water we extract from nature. However, realizing these water reuse schemes requires collaboration between the public and private sector, and usually requires investments in water infrastructure. The development of business propositions that consider the interests of all stakeholders is a critical success factor. AquaVest develops objective (data-based) system solutions and provides transparency in the costs and benefits for each stakeholder involved.  This facilitates constructive dialogue among the stakeholders when it comes to pain-gain sharing (“who should invest how much”).

Public-private sector collaboration

AquaVest provides insight into the water consumption levels and related revenues for each stakeholder in every sector. This way, the “value of water” for each stakeholder becomes transparent which is the basis for developing individual business cases for a joint investment strategy. We guide discussions on costs and benefits of various infrastructure solutions by considering all interests around the table (social, environmental, economic, reputational, etc.).

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