We have used AquaVest to find innovative strategies to improve water circularity for the following projects.

The business case for rural sanitation

Lower Nile delta region, Egypt

Assessment of the costs and social-environmental benefits of rural sanitation infrastructure.

Waterfabriek Casus Hoog-Nederland

Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands

Assessment of effluent reuse options from three RWZI’s and one AWZI for industrial and agricultural water users.

Kraaiven-Vossenberg phase 2

Tilburg, The Netherlands

Government, industry, the agrisector and NGO collaborate on water reuse around business park Kraaiven-Vossenberg.


Tilburg, The Netherlands

Government and industry collaborate on a (more) circular use of water at business park Kraaiven-Vossenberg.

Goed Gietwater (demo)

Westland, The Netherlands

Treatment and reuse of municipal wastewater as alternative irrigation water for the horticulture sector..

Beneficial reuse of produced water

Nimr oil fields, Oman

The assessment of options for the beneficial reuse of produced water extracted from oil fields.

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