Water reuse at Kraaiven-Vossenberg and surroundings

Location: Tilburg, The Netherlands


Province of Noord-Brabant
Waterboard Brabantse Delta

Collaboration partners

Waterboard De Dommel
Brabant Water
Tilburg municipality
Dongen municipality

This project assessed multiple options to treat and reuse industrial wastewater and rainwater from the Kraaiven-Vossenberg business park in Tilburg to supply the surrounding agricultural and nature reserve areas year-round and to prevent drought related problems during spring and summer.

What investments are needed to treat the wastewater and to transport and store the effluents in the surrounding agricultural and nature reserve areas? And who pays what? The Province of Noord-Brabant and Waterboard Brabantse Delta asked Frontier Ventures BV to do a system optimisation for the area and to develop a pain-gain sharing proposal to share the costs of water treatment, transport and storage between the project partners.

Seasonalilies in water supply and demand
Seasonal differences in supply and demand were taken into account in the development of the system solutions. The infiltration of effluents and rainwater in the agricultutral and nature reserve areas played a central role in the system configuration.

Multiple benefits
Each partner benefits from improved water availability during drought periods: better crop yields for theĀ  agrisector, improved water security for industry and higher groundwater levels for nature reserves.

“The model offers added value in the development of alternative freshwater sources, possibly in combination with water storage systems, in order to reduce or counteract drought-related damage for the agricultural sector.” Johan Elshof, Policy Specialist Water and Soil, ZLTO.