Water reuse at Business Park Kraaiven-Vossenberg

Location: Tilburg, The Netherlands


Provincie Noord-Brabant
Waterschap De Dommel

Collaboration partners

Waterboard Brabantse Delta
Brabant Water
Tilburg municipality


AquaVest was applied to this project to assess different regional water management strategies to increase water reuse at business park Kraaiven-Vossenberg, Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Based on input data from the stakeholders an interactive network model of the area was developed reflecting the current water balance, the current water management strategies, the relevant transport distances and utilization of water infrastructure already in place. The goal of this project was to support the decision-making process regarding the use of groundwater and investments required to increase water reuse.


The objective of the project was to explore several options to reduce the shared ground/ drinking water intake volumes from the four industrial players by considering water reuse, and to develop a transition path for 2020-2040 to implement the different measures.


The economic impact of water reuse have been analysed through multiple scenarios that also considered options to increase groundwatr levies. Effluents are an alternative source of  water that can improve the security of supply for the four industrial water users.

A press-release of the project was issued by the province of Noord-Brabant:

“Agristo is positively surprised by the working method, the holistic approach of a fairly extensive issue. The deployed model allows for a quick and clear way to assess the impact of many different parameters, both physical, economic and technical. This leads to either unexpected, innovative insights or confirms earlier expectations or feelings.” Antoon Wallays, Director Agristo, Tilburg