We offer these services to support you in scoping your future and in moving your organization to the next level!

We offer the following services

  • Creative problem solving: how to address your challenge from a completely different point of view? The way you (choose to) see a problem often defines the way it’s solved! Complex problems sometimes require a different point of view.
  • Innovation strategy: how to prepare your organization for the upcoming changes in the political, economic, technical and environmental arena’s? We help you navigate through this changing landscape and find a strategy for your organization to be(come) future-proof!
  • Transition planning: how to translate your lofty vision for 2040 into an action plan? Many organizations are busy defining their targets for 2040, but how about shaping the path towards achieving those targets? We ensure that short term actions are aligned with long term goals!

These services are provided in the form of brainstorm sessions, scoping workshops or team building exercises.

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