We combine professional skills with an explorative mind. We have an industry background with experience in new technology development, business innovation, and partnerships.

Duska Disselhoff


Duska gained 12 years of work experience with Shell in The Netherlands, Singapore, Brunei, and North America. She spearheaded the development and deployment of sustainable solutions in the water-energy-land context. In her role as Green Infrastructure program manager, she collaborated with the WBCSD and several EU groups on water and natural capital accounting. She also collaborated with The Dow Chemical Company, SwissRe and The Nature Conservancy on projects in the USA.

Specialties include new technology development, business innovation, and partnerships.

MSc, Industrial Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology

Georg Stockinger


Georg is a senior water treatment and integration engineer at Shell. He has in-depth experience with designing new, and troubleshooting existing water treatment plants and utilities in refineries, gas terminals, LNG and petrochemical plants. Georg is involved in reducing the environmental impact of operations in the oil and gas industry, by optimising energy efficiency and water usage especially in water constrained areas. He has extensive contacts with external parties and academia.

Specialties include raw water treatment, cooling water conditioning, effluent treatment, process water integration and evaluation of new water technologies.

MSc, Chemistry, Leiden University

Tom Paffen


Tom is a Venture Capital professional with a successful track record in growing innovative high tech companies. He is an experienced board member in several technology companies. His background is in telecom strategy and business development with AT&T and Ericsson. He co-founded Capital-C Ventures in 2003 as a spin-out of Residex B.V. (Private Equity Captive of Achmea) and founded Byblos Ventures, active in investment advisory.

Specialties include private and public fund management, entrepreneurial finance, governance, and innovation management.

MSc, Electrical Engineering, Delft University of Technology
PhD candidate, Management of Innovation, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Alfio Mianzan


Alfio is a Managing Principal at NewFields Europe. An environmental professional with more than 30 years of experience in geology, environment and water management, both in industry (Shell) and consulting (ERM). Alfio was a Vice Chair of IPIECA’s Water Working Group and a member of the Water Leadership Group in the WBCSD. From 2012 to 2017 he was Shell’s Global Manager for water use and discharges.

Specialities include water risk and impact assessment, water strategies, water reuse and recycling, water and climate change.

MSc, Engineering Geology, Imperial College London

Christian van Maaren


Christian is a disruptive entrepreneur, and co-founder of Excess Materials Exchange (EME); an award-winning digital matchmaking platform for secondary materials. Through his work with EME, he has seen the valuable materials that can be extracted from wastewater. He applies a holistic approach towards solving global challenges around finite resources. He has worked for Shell for 7 years, and in his last role he looked at Natural Capital and Green Infrastructure opportunities.

Specialties include managing complex transitions, business strategy & development, and community building.

MSc, Aerospace Engineering, Delft University of Technology

Lennart Rommens


Lennart has 10+ years of business experience in building and leading start-ups, and in advising scale-ups and corporates. As former managing director of Shareship, he set-up a new business from scratch in the logistics sector. He is a strategic thinker and enjoys creating links between business and technology. Areas of expertise include digital platforms and supply chain optimization.

Specialties include the development of innovative collaboration models, business concept generation and operations strategy.

MSc, Industrial Engineering & Management, University of Groningen

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