Technology plays a central role in realizing water circularity, but technology suppliers need projects and capital to accelerate sales and scale their solutions.


We look for innovative technologies that are de-risked and have passed the demonstration phase (TRL 6 onwards).


We directly connect technology suppliers to end-users through our proprietary water infrastructure investment model.


We collaborate with impact investors to source growth capital and to develop innovative project finance solutions.

Source: SEECON (2010)

Source: SEECON (2010)

Enabling technologies

Different types of technologies are required to meet the growing demands for clean water, and to protect and conserve our natural water sources. We believe that the following technology types enable the cross-sector re-use of effluents in many places around the world.

  • Desalination technologies

  • Wastewater treatment technologies

  • (Off-grid) power solutions

  • Smart water systems

  • Natural treatment solutions

  • Recovery and re-use of valuable waste

Examples of catalogue entries

Ecodosing for biofouling control

Increased reliability of cooling water systems at lower OPEX


Water desalination and electricity production at the point of use


Satellite data to optimize crop production and water management

By including your technology in our catalogue, we directly connect you to end-users in the water space. Contact us for more information!

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