Water circularity is about recycling water streams on asset level, re-using water streams on basin level, and recovering valuable resources from wastewater treatment.


We screen innovative wastewater treatment technologies and we develop system solutions to maximize recycling.


We look for innovative solutions to optimize the distribution of effluents between public and private sector water users.


We support business development activities related to the monetization of recovered resources from wastewater streams.

Source: SEECON (2010)

Source: SEECON (2010)

Enabling technologies

Different types of technologies are required to meet the growing demands for clean water from the municipal, industrial and agricultural sectors. We believe that the following technology types enable the sustainable sourcing and efficient use of water resources around the world.

  • Desalination technologies

  • Wastewater treatment technologies

  • Decentralized power solutions

  • Smart water networks

  • Natural treatment solutions

  • Recovery and re-use of valuable waste

Our Technology Catalogue (examples)

Ecodosing for biofouling control

Increased reliability of cooling water systems at lower OPEX

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Water desalination and electricity production at the point of use

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Satellite data to optimize crop production and water management

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By including your technology in our catalogue, we directly connect you to end-users in the water space. Contact us for more information!

“Frontier helped us to regain focus and grip on our growth strategy. They introduced us to some valuable business partners with whom we are now exploring  project opportunities.” Harry Polman, Managing Director H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V.

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