Water circularity is about the treatment and distribution of effluents as tailor-made water. This will significantly relieve the stress on natural freshwater sources.


We look for innovative technologies that can reduce freshwater demand, and for treatment technologies that enble recycling water streams.


We look for innovative and cost-effective technologies to treat waste water and deliver tailor-made water ready for re-use across different sectors.


We look for innovative water mining technologies and we support the development of supply chain solutions to monetize the recovered resources.

The hierarchy to improve water resource management is to first reduce demand (for example by recycling more), then to treat waste water and re-use it as effluents, and lastly to recover (and possibly market) valuable resources produced as waste by the treatment process.
When it comes to re-use, in practice it’s all about selecting the right treatment technologies to create tailor-made effluents. This “fit-for-purpose” water treatment needs to be cost effective as well.

The AquaVest algorithm will optimize supply and demand considering the technical abilities and costs of these treatment technologies. As possible sources, we consider seawater, groundwater, surface water, drinking water and, of course, several waste water streams.

Source: SEECON (2010)

Source: SEECON (2010)

Enabling technologies

Different types of technologies are required to meet the growing demands for clean and affordable water from the municipal, industrial and agricultural sectors. We believe that the following technology types enable the sustainable use and re-use of water resources around the world.

  • Desalination technologies

  • Wastewater treatment technologies

  • Natural treatment solutions

  • Decentralized power solutions

  • Smart water networks

Towards integral solutions

We look for innovative water (treatment) technologies, and we include them as part the water chain. This way, the individual technologies are placed in a broader and more relevant context and they get an active role in realizing water circularity at basin level. The technologies will become part of the investment strategy towards (more) circular regional water systems.

Examples of interesting technologies


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CoRe Water

Van RWZI naar duurzame waterfabriek; een adaptief zuiveringsconcept

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