Our technology catalogue includes existing and new water and land management solutions. The catalogue can be applied to our AquaVest and NatureVest projects.

Towards integral solutions

We include innovative water and land management solutions in our catalogue. By applying the catalogue to our AquaVest and NatureVest projects we evaluate the role of these individual solutions in the regional water and land management plan. We evaluate the technical capabilities and cost elements of the solution in the. When it turns out that the technology fits well into a particular project then the technology automatically becomes part of the regional investment strategy.

If you are interested to have your technology included in our catalogue, then contact us for more information on the subscription plans!

Source: SEECON (2010)

Source: SEECON (2010)

Enabling technologies

Different types of technologies and solutions are needed to protect our land and water resources, while also meeting the financial requirements of cost recovery and payback times. We believe that the following technology types enable a more sustainable use of our land and water resources around the world.

  • Desalination technologies

  • Wastewater treatment technologies

  • Natural treatment solutions

  • Decentralized power solutions

  • Smart water networks


Industrial Vortex Generator-Circulation (IVG-CT)

Chemical-free treatment of cooling water


Water desalination and electricity production at the point of use


Satellite data to optimize crop production and water management

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