The market consists of water authorities and water users from the public and private sector. They often have conflicting interests. AquaVest considers these interests and develops system solutions that provide objectivity and transparency.

AquaVest strengthens cross-sectoral collaborations

The supply of clean and affordable water for all water users requires a more circular use of water. What was once considered waste water can now be treated to specification and re-used as tailor-made water. However, this cross sectoral re-use of effluents requires collaboration between the different stakeholders in the basin. And that’s easier said then done….!
Challenges of public-private sector collaborations are of technical, economic, ecological, relational and political nature. This is due to the different responsibilities and interests at stake.

Water authorities

Water authorities are responsible to balance water supply and demand and to develop new policies in this space. Environmentnal regulations require them to set limits on groundwater extractions. Also, with increasing periods of drought the use of drinking water for other uses then human consumption and sanitation is challenged.
Water authorities need insight in the dynamics of the current water system, before deciding on investments to alter the existing water scheme. There is a need for a decision support tool that can evaluate the impact of new policies and regulation to encourage responsible consumption and production, and to protect the life below water and on land.

Private sector water users

The security of water supply is top priority for private sector water users. With increasing weather extremes, the private sector is more and more looking at alternative fresh water sources.
The treatment and distribution of effluents as tailor-made water is a serious option. These effluents are a reliable source even during long periods of drought. There is a growing awareness within the private sector that climate change and increasing environmental consciousness requires them to become more responsible water users. This will also positively impact their reputation and therefore their license to operate.

AquaVest strenghtens cross sectoral collaboration by considering the interests of all stakeholders and by providing transparancy in the costs and benefits of the different system solutions and investment strategies. This way, AquaVest enables constructive dialogue between the public and private sector which is needed to transition towards future proof regional water schemes.

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