Our vision is a climate-resilient world where nature and economy thrive. We realize our vision by building innovative ventures.

Frontier Ventures BV builds game-changing ventures in the water circularity and nature conservation space. Ventures that balance nature and economy. We often build these ventures in partnership with state-of-the-art technology developers. Our current ventures are called “AquaVest” and “NatureVest”.

We also provide business consultancy services. We have a background in the energy sector and we have experience in energy and water transition planning. We bring value to cross-sectoral collaborations and turn visions into reality. We are keen to learn about new technologies and business approaches that better balance nature and economy. We help the public and private sector to become future-proof and thrive in the face of change!

It is our mission to support public and private sector organizations in reducing their water use and better protect the environment. These journey’s start with a clear vision that then needs to be translated into a strategy that will deliver value. The strategy should consider questions such as; how to adopt new technology, embrace new business models and develop new partnerships?

The company logo shows a young girl looking through a telescope. We believe that the basic ingredients for innovation are curiosity and audacity. Children inhibit that natural quality of exploring and being receptive to change. So let’s rediscover that natural quality within ourselves. We believe in a climate resilient world where both nature and economy can thrive, and getting there requires design thinking on multiple levels.

Areas of expertise

  • Innovation management
  • Corporate strategy
  • Public-private sector collaboration
  • Design thinking
  • Complex problem-solving
  • Impact investing

Realizing societal change….

….through technology and innovation.

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