We aim to transform the water and nature conservation sectors through the creation of our ventures and by following our core beliefs in everything we do.

Frontier Ventures is an ambitious company that applies state-of-the-art technology and innovative business models to transform the water and nature conservation sectors. As the name suggests, we launch various game changing initiatives – ventures. Our ventures support high-level decision-making on water management and nature conservation, and guide investments in these areas.

The world today is in a state of transition on various levels: political, economic, environmental, technological etc. We aim to guide the transitions in water management and nature conservation by taking into account all factors (organisational, financial, social, environmental) that are required to make these transitions successful. We believe in the power of public-private sector collaboration!

We ourselves have a background in the private sector, and through our previous employment with Shell International we have shaped our vision and our way of working. In the oil & gas sector, just like the water sector, geopolitical interests play a major role. Therefore it is important to liaise with government bodies on the implementation of water management and nature conservation strategies.

But above all: we are just very passionate to protect the land, water and air that keep us alive and that inspire us to create our ventures!

Our core beliefs

  1. Societal innovation needs innovative business approaches to engage the private sector
  2. Innovative technology-based approaches are required for effective nature conservation
  3. Strong ventures often rise from combining complementary views, backgrounds and skills
  4. Technology, capital and (most importantly…) projects need to come together to realize impact

Realizing societal change….

….through technology and innovation.

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