Our vision is a climate-resilient world where nature and economy thrive. We realize our vision by forging innovative partnerships  and by developing innovative products that protect the water and land we all depend on.

Frontier Ventures is a young and ambitious company that creates new ventures in the water and nature conservation space. We build these ventures in partnership with state-of-the-art technology developers. Our innovative tools and business approaches support the development of regional natural resource management plans and investment strategies that balance social, environmental and economic values.

The world today is in a state of transition on political, environmental, technological and economic level. Also, the climate is changing in many places around the world and we need to prepare oruselves for the future. This requires collaboraion between the public and private sector; between government, industry and NGO. We believe in a climate resilient world where both nature and economy can thrive! Getting there requires design thinking on multiple levels.

We have a background in the private sector and through our previous employment with Shell International we have shaped our way of working. In the oil & gas sector, just like in the water and nature conservation sector, geopolitical interests play a major role. Therefore it is important to liaise with national and local government bodies on the development of these water and land resource management plans.

But above all: we are just very passionate to protect the water and land we all depend on!

Our core beliefs

  1. Innovative technology-based approaches are required for effective water and nature conservation
  2. New policies and economic incentives are required to engage the private sector in climate adaptation
  3. Innovative climate finance solutions are needed to ensure cost recovery and healthy return on investment
  4. Technology, capital and (most importantly…) projects need to come together to realize positive impact

Realizing societal change….

….through technology and innovation.

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