Our vision is a climate-resilient world where nature and economy thrive. We realize our vision by building innovative ventures in the water management and nature conservation space.

Innovation starts with curiosity

The company logo shows a young girl looking through a telescope. We believe that the basic ingredients for innovation are curiosity and audacity. Children inhibit that natural quality of exploring the world and being receptive to change. We believe in a climate resilient world where both nature and economy can thrive, and getting there requires an open mindset and design thinking on multiple levels.

Frontier Ventures BV builds game-changing ventures in the water circularity and nature conservation space. Ventures that balance nature and economy. We often build these ventures in partnership with state-of-the-art technology developers. Our current ventures are called “AquaVest” and “NatureVest”.

Anticipating fresh water scarcity

In many areas around the world, also here in The Netherlands, the supply-demand profile of fresh, clean water is changing. Lasting drought periods reduce the availability of fresh wtaer sources during the warm seasons while the demand for clean and fresh water often increases in those periods (water quentity isse). On top of this, in other areas around the world, the lack of proper sanitation infrastructure or lack of industrial wastewater treatment leads to severe pollution of fresh water sources (water quality issue).

“We must urgently scale up investments in healthy watersheds and water infrastructure, with dramatic improvements in the efficiency of water use”, said UN Secretary-General Mr. Guterres during the last World Water Day, adding that the world must anticipate and respond to climate risks at every level of water management. Moreover, wastewater should be recognised as a valuable resource.

The AquaVest venture aims to provide clean and affordable water for all by developing robust water investment strategies that meet financial criteria, and linking investment capital to projects.

Anticipating more frequest and intense forest fires

A recent report of the United Nations warns of rising wildfire threats due to the climate crisis and changes in land use. The organization calls for a radical change in government response that focuses on prevention and preparedness. Wildfires and climate change are “mutually exacerbating”, according to the report.

“Wildfires are made worse by climate change through increased drought, high air temperatures, low relative humidity, lightning, and strong winds resulting in hotter, drier, and longer fire seasons. We have to minimize the risk of extreme wildfires by being better prepared: invest more in fire risk reduction, work with local communities, and strengthen global commitment to fight climate change,” said Inger Andersen, UNEP Executive Director.

The NatureVest venture aims to provide governments with an early warning system to prevent uncontrolled wildfires and to minimize the devastating impact on forests and wildlife!

Realizing societal change….

….through technology and innovation.

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