AquaVest develops regional master plans and corresponding investment strategies for water supply and sewage management. The tool considers technical, economic, environmental and infrastructural aspects.

Water supply infrastructure

AquaVest assesses the costs and benefits of different infrastructure solutions to source, treat and distribute water of different qualities for different purposes. The tool knows the investment options and generates infrastructure solutions based on several supply and demand scenario’s. This way, all stakeholders in the region get tailor-made water at the lowest costs.

Sewage transport and treatment infrastructure

AquaVest is well-suited to develop master plans for improved sewage transport and treatment infrastructure. Especially in rural areas with growing populations there is a need for proper master planning to maximize socio-economic impact. The tool considers different effluent re-use options as well as sludge-to-energy  and land reclamation opportunities.

Water reuse

AquaVest helps address the water scarcity challenge by developing water master plans in which the water supply and demand profiles of different stakeholders are wisely matched. The tool calculates different infrastructure investment options and  identifies the needed investments to maximize water reuse at the lowest overall costs.

Cross-sector water reuse can address the water scarcity issue but requires cross-sector collaboration; collaboration between the public sector (provinces, waterboards, municipalities, NGO) and the private sector (industry, the agrisector). AquaVest is well placed to guide cross-sectoral collaborations by developing master plans and investment strategies that consider the (technical, political, economic) interests of all stakeholders.

Source: SEECON (2010)

Water storage

Water storage is becoming increasingly important. Extreme rainfall and extreme drought periods seem to occur more frequently leading to either a surplus or shortage of water. Water storage improves the water balance in the area and contributes to a robust regional water system.

AquaVest can evaluate the optimal water storage scheme based on the supply and demand profiles of different stakeholders throughout the year. The tool can determine a.o. the optimal location and volumes to store year-round. Numerous climate change scenarios can be run to evaluate the robustness of the proposed water storage scheme. Several storage options can be considered (infiltration, injection, etc.).

For certain countries, water storage is of strategic national importance. Many sectors depend on water (households, agrisector, industry) and having national water reserves in place for the long term contributes to political independence and growth of GDP.

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