AquaVest develops creditble and affordable transition pathways towards (more) sustainable regional water systems and guides investments in water infrastructure.

Complexity requires AI

Transition planning requires looking 20 to 30 years into the future… Having full understanding of the existing water system is already a challenge, let alone preparing the water system for the many changes and uncertainties that the future holds. Some of those uncertainties are related to climate change. AI is needed to deal with high levels of complexity. The AquaVest software allows us to quickly run different scenario’s to develop an investment strategy that is robust in the face of many uncertainties.

AquaVest identifies the required infrastructure investments to meet the future demands for water in the most sustainable and cost-effective way.  The software phases the investments over time as efficiëntly as possible. This leads to CAPEX savings of up to 20%. With capital intensive investments this can significantly improve cost recovery.

Policy development

We support the development of new policies in the water management space. We can quickly evaluate the financial impact of altered taxation levels on all stakeholders in the water basin. We can identify the right financial triggers to encourage a more sustainable use of water and that benefit all. AquaVest considers a phased implementation of new policies. i.e. policies that become more strict over time. Examples of taxation measures we look at are groundwater levies, effluent discharge levies and water prices based on quality (e.g. different qualities of effluent).

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